Starting A Business

Below are the steps before opening a business in Hiawassee.
For any questions, please contact Hiawassee City Hall.

Business License

Jan 1-June 30 $100

July 1-December 31 $50

This is renewable each year.

Click Here for the City of Hiawassee
Business License Application

Sign Permit 


Pricing based on size ((Length X Width) X $5)

Click Here for the City of Hiawassee
Sign Permit

Building Permits

(Only if modifications are made that require electrical, plumbing, decking, etc.)

Click Here for the City of Hiawassee Building Permit

Utility Applications & Deposit

Water $250-$400

Water & Sewer $300-$500

Click Here for City of Hiawassee Water/Sewer Application

Business Package

Click Here to view our new business Welcome Packet

Ribbon Cutting Package

Click Here for information about our Ribbon Ceremony Package.